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Pure premium taste - Try our new Luxury Muffins now!

Vanilla Chocolate Twister Luxury Muffin:
vanilla flavoured dough mixed with delicate chocolate pastry and decorated with dark chocolate chips

Cheesecake Chocolate Luxury Muffin:
muffin filled with tasty cheesecake and a moist chocolate pastry

Blueberry Crumble filled Luxury Muffin:
muffin with a delicious light dough, enriched with blueberries and crumble

Double Choc Crunch filled Luxury Muffin:
chocolate flavoured dough with creamy dark chocolate filling and crispy chocolate chunks

Luxury Muffin brochure

pdf download

Usual high quality for best taste

free from palm

free from declarable colourings and additives

free from hydrogenated fats

with natural flavours

with cage-free eggs

Please contact us for more information